Early Stage Researcher position available in the EC ITN network Aquasense to work on water quality sensors. The sensors will be developed by engineering students and this appointment is to lab and field test the sensors in some hostile environments to assess how they perform e.g. at 60m depth in deep lakes, in acidic and deoxygenated mine discharge springs, in fish farm waters. The sensors will be at the forefront of technological development as research engineers will be developing them. The ESR will learn about some of the electronics, but primarily we are looking for someone who likes aquatic systems, data generation, modelling and interpretation. Marian Scott, Prof. of Environmental Systems is co-I, so developing statistical approaches for the time series analysis is part of this, so it could be good for hydrological modellers too. 

The ESR will also register for a PhD as part of their development process. We do not need a Masters in the UK to start a PhD, but as an EU post there are mobility requirements for applicants to consider. However as an ITN post it is salaried, so it is a PhD on £33,000 per year. 

More details are here: 

Post E20409 




Applications by 10th Sept. 

Contact Susan.Waldron@glasgow.ac.uk if there is anything you want to discuss.