The Department of Mathematics of the University of Trento (henceforth referred to as the Department) seeks a scientist working in the field of Mathematical Statistics and Data Science to be appointed in a tenure-track position. The Department invites highly qualified scientists in the field of Data Science to send an Expression of Interest (EOI) in view of the activation of a tenure-track position. The Department currently enrolls in the field of Probability and Mathematical Statistics two Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor, tenure track (ricercatore TD-B) and has a strong interest in building up a larger research group in the area of Data Science. Candidates with a strong research background in fields related to Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Learning, Scientific Computing and Mathematical Foundation of Data Science are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Department seeks a scientist working on cutting edge research topics, internationally recognized as part of a scientific network of experts in her/his own field; successful experience in the supervisión of doctoral students and interdisciplinary collaborations are a plus. The Department coordinates a Master’s Program in Mathematics, with a specific curriculum in Mathematics for Life and Data Sciences with an average of 20 students per year. The Department is also involved in two interdisciplinary Master’s programs: (i) Quantitative and Computational Biology and (ii) Data Science. The PhD School in Mathematics enrolls in the average ten students per year. The successful candidate is expected to be one of the reference Faculty for the curriculum in Mathematics for Life and Data Sciences, and to participate in teaching activities at all levels. Moreover, candidates are expected to show a strong potential to apply to competitive research grants in particular towards EU funding schemes.


The deadline for these expressions of interest, to be sent to the Head of the Department (current Head is professor A. Caranti) at, is 31 March 2018. At a later date, the Department will open a formal call, according to Italians rules and regulations.

Additional informations

1- Teaching load
Two courses per year, seminar activity and tutoring of PhD students. All activities at the Master’s and doctoral level are in English.

2- Salary
The amount of salary will be determined on a personal basis, according to the Italian Law. Indicative figures of the minimum gross amount per year of the starting salary are: Assistant Professor, tenure track (ricercatori TD-B) € 45.367

After 3 years candidates will be promoted to the Associate Professor level (starting level € 50.831), provided that the necessary qualification (abilitazione nazionale) have been reached.

Net income may vary case by case, after income taxes, local taxes, retirement plan, health care deduction and tax exemptions depending on the family structure; individuals transferring their fiscal residence to Italy from abroad may benefit for 3 years of partial tax exemptions. It may be possible to obtain a partial recognition of past services abroad at a corresponding level depending on legal constraints to be satisfied.

Job location:
Department of Mathematics – University of Trento
via Sommarive 14
38123 Trento TN

Deadline: Saturday, March 31, 2018