We are looking for a bright, self-motivated and ambitious person to work on a HDR-UK (https://www.hdruk.ac.uk) funded project to develop statistical and computational tools for the analyses of large volumes of genetic and epidemiological data. The project is a collaboration between the MRC-Human Genetics Unit and EPCC (https://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk) both at the University of Edinburgh.
In accordance with HDR-UK goals, the candidate will develop cutting-edge analytical tools and methodologies to address the most pressing health research challenges.
The ideal candidate will be an expert on high performance computing willing to expand her/his expertise into genetic epidemiology or a genetic epidemiologist/statistical geneticist willing to expand her/his areas of expertise into high performance computing and distributed memory systems.
The post entails substantial academic freedom within the broad area of research described, and the post holder will be encouraged to develop a personal fellowship to initiate her/his independent career.
Please address any enquires to Professor Albert Tenesa (albert.tenesa@ed.ac.uk).
The reference number for the post is: 044234.
Applications can be submitted via:
The closing date is 12th of September 2018.