In the context of an Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI2 project (LITMUS), a post-doctoral position is offered for the for the identification and validation of new disease biomarkers for NASH diagnosis and prognosis, based on the metabolomic analysis of biofluids (urine and serum). The position is offered for a period of up to 48 months and the candidate should hold a Ph. D. degree in biostatistics, biology, applied mathematics, chemistry or other degrees in biomedical sector. Proven experience in statistical analysis of metabolomic data and/or expertise in LC/MS- or NMR-based metabolomics is also desirable.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) represents a spectrum of diseases occurring in the absence of excessive alcohol consumption that ranges from isolated hepatic triglyceride accumulation (steatosis, NAFL); through hepatic triglyceride accumulation plus inflammation and hepatocyte injury (non- alcoholic steatohepatitis, NASH); and ultimately progresses to fibrosis/cirrhosis and potentially hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The aim of the project is to develop, robustly validate and advance towards regulatory qualification of metabolomic based biomarkers that diagnose, risk stratify and/or monitor NAFLD/NASH progression and fibrosis stage.

CIC bioGUNE is an international Centre of biomedical research and post-graduate education committed to apply its scientific leadership in the fields of Metabolism and Disease, Molecular Oncology, Protein Homeostasis and Rare and Infectious Diseases. The collaboration with CIC biomaGUNE and the Technology Park of Bizkaia creates unique opportunities for biomedical innovation. The Metabolomics Platform of CIC bioGUNE is equipped with: i) a 600 MHz IVDr Bruker spectrometer equipped with a SampleJet sample exchanger with a capacity of 30000 samples/year; ii) sample preparation and manipulation laboratory equipped with a SamplePro robot, which follows SOPs that parallel a phenome center and iii) trained personnel and a suite of software to ensure an optimal statistical analysis of data.

Job characteristics:
The post-doctoral position is associated to the LITMUS IMI2 project and the successful candidate will be appointed to the Metabolomics Platform of CIC bioGUNE, under the supervision of Prof. José M Mato and Dr. Oscar Millet.
Duration: 48 months – 54 months
Tentative start date: 01-May-2018

Interested candidates please email a cover letter, your CV, and names (including email address) of at least two referees to with ref. 43111 in the subject.