Symposium on Big Data in Finance, Retail and Commerce

Statistical and Computational Challenges

Date2-3 November 2017

Local: Jupiter Lisboa Hotel
 Avenida da República, 46,
 1050-195 Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Invited Speakers:

Cristina San José, Banco Santander, España
João Marques da SIlva, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Marc Hallin, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium 
Nuno Crato,  University of Lisbon, Portugal, and European Commission Joint Research Center, Italy  
Peter Diggle, Lancaster University, UK 
Tiago Pereira Durão, Deloitte, Portugal
Vicente Calzado, El Corte Inglés, España


The symposium is organized by the Institute of Financial Big Data of the University Carlos III of Madrid, the Centre of Statistics and its Applications of the University of Lisbon and the Portuguese Statistical Society.  The objective of the symposium is to present new approaches to deal with Big Data Applications in finance, retail and commerce bringing together professionals from companies in these areas and researchers who generate sound methods and tools to handle such data. The field of Big Data designs new scenarios to our modern society and creates computational and statistical challenges for data scientists. It is hoped that such an interaction may help in understanding the new needs and trends in the emerging field  of Data Sciences.

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General Information
     Margarida Silva
     +351 21 750 0120  (1:30 PM – 4.30 PM GMT)

Registration and Payment
     Angélica Ruivo
     +351 21 415 6125