One of the postdoc positions is launched by the group of biostatistics at the USC (GRIDECMB) under the research line titled:

Advanced flexible regression for multi-state and time-space modelling.

This research line title includes the following topics for research: 

i) Generalized Additive Models annd Structured Additive Regression Models (STAR): multivariate responses, spatial-temporal effects, and functional effects; ii) Survival analysis: joint modelling of time-to-event data and longitudinal data, multi-state or competing risks models, and particularly in those characterised by the study of the individual progression of a number of disease stages; iii) ROC curve in the presence of covariates, choice of optimal cutpoints: In general, ROC curves obtained by flexible methods for studies of diagnosis, prognosis and/or classification by means of diagnostic tests; and iv) Software development (mainly in R).

Detailed information about this call:

The application must contain information of research background and work experience, including:

  • A detailed CV (the use of this CV template  is highly recommended) including personal contact information, education, list of publications and any other relevant information (projects, awards…)
  • A motivation letter (max. 2 pages) outlining: (1) research background, work experience and (2) a brief research proposal. Please check the Call for more information. For the preparation of the research proposal, candidates must select one of the eligible research topics and contact the prospective group leaders/researchers for guidance.
  • Two reference letters, or the names and contact addresses of at least two referees.

Deadline for submission: 12.03.17 at 23h59 CET (UCT + 01:00). Applications must be submitted by e-mail indicating in the subject: POSTDOC-CIMUS.