Job Offer – Statistics or Bioinformatics
(Ref. 2214 – ALONSO)

Job Description:

We are looking for a motivated team member to join IMIM’s Health Services Research Group, led by Dr Jordi Alonso. Among other research interests, the Health Services Research Group focusses on implementing state-of-the-art statistical techniques (including machine learning) on various types of data (e.g., web-based survey data, electronic healthcare registry data, data obtained through ambulatory/momentary assessment or experience sampling methods ) to develop new insights in the development of risk for mental disorders and suicide, and to quantify unmet need for healthcare among those individuals with mental health issues. The team is currently leading various research projects that focus on identifying and predicting adverse mental health outcomes in different populations (e.g., general population, university students, healthcare professionals, COVID-19 patients). And also Psychological Well-Being.

Specifically, we are looking for candidates formally trained in Statistics or Bioinformatics (as Major or as part of their degree), that have an interest or existing expertise in any of the following tasks: data management (cleaning of raw data, data quality control, preparation for first analysis), data harmonization and interoperability tasks (e.g., of clinical healthcare registry data), psychometric analysis of survey scales, implementation of missing data handling techniques (e.g., calculation of post-stratification weights, multiple imputation), analysis of complex sample design survey data, analysis of data obtained from ambulatory assessment (e.g., using multi-level modelling, neural network analysis), and the implementation of machine-learning techniques to increase prediction model accuracy and to identify most important predictors.

We offer a stimulating environment with ample formal and informal learning opportunities, including the opportunity to obtain academic output. Knowledge of statistical software packages (R, Python, SAS, STATA, M-PLUS) is an asset. Good communication and organizational skills are essential in our team.
Knowledge of Catalan, Spanish, and English is appreciated.

More information Health Services Research Group IMIM and PRBB:

Recruitment: Pending the next resolution of requested projects.

Application and enquiries:
Applicants should submit their CV, a presentation letter and contact to before September 15th, 2022. (Ref: Job Offer – Statistics or Bioinformatics).

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