Special Issue «Functional Data Analysis (FDA)»

A special issue of Stats (ISSN 2571-905X).
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 28 February 2021.
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Dear Colleagues,

In the big data era, large amounts of data are continuously recorded over a time interval at a known spatial location or at discrete time points. Functional data analysis (FDA) deals with the analysis of this data in the form of functions. The functional data atom is a function such as a curve, a biomedical image, a shape, a sound, genomic data, or more general objects. This Special Issue will present a collection of manuscripts on new exploratory tools for functional data (or applications for functional data objects). Currently, there is a need for exploratory tools for complex data objects (functional objects) that are reproducible or automatable, such as registration (alignment and dynamic time warping), dimension reduction in 1 and 2 dimensions (tensor product basis, smoothing, kernels, wavelets and spline basis, PCA, PLS, principal curves), measures of centrality and outliers (depth for multivariate functional data and outlier detection), sparse functional data, as well as tools for visualizing results of predictive models (functional response model, functional time series, spatiotemporal dependence data), ensemble methods (boosting, bagging, random forest), feature selection (regularization), unsupervised learning (clustering), and supervised classification of functional data.

I am looking forward to receiving your submissions.


Dr. Manuel Oviedo de la Fuente
Guest Editor

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