The call for NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellowships is now OPEN. These fellowships are a fantastic postgraduate opportunity for aspiring methodologists and the Leeds Institute for Clinical Trials Research is actively identifying suitable candidates to support in applying for them.

We see these as a stepping stone to an NIHR doctoral fellowship. They replace the old NIHR Research Methods Fellowships.

The fellowships are designed to support people who are looking to start or advance a career in health research methodology, specifically in one of the following areas –

*  Medical statistics
*  Health economics
*  Clinical trial design
*  Operational research
*  Modelling
*  Bioinformatics
*  Qualitative research
*  Mixed methods

More information is available here<>.

The areas that we are able to support are:

1)      Complex interventions trial design and analysis: Supervisors Julia Brown, Amanda Farrin, Dr. Rebecca Walwyn

2)      Design of experiments: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr. Rebecca Walwyn

3)      Early-phase cancer trial designs: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr. Sarah Brown

4)      Adaptive trial design and analysis: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr. David Cairns, Dr. Dena Howard

5)      Surrogate outcome measure development and evaluation: Julia Brown, Dr. David Cairns, Dr. Sarah Brown

6)      Applied health informatics/routine data alongside clinical trials. In cancer: Supervisors Julia Brown, Dr. David Cairns). In complex intervention evaluation: Supervisors: Julia Brown, Amanda Farrin

NOTE: If you have an idea for a topic that you think LICTR could support but is outside of the above areas, please do also get in touch.

To explore the post further or for any queries, you may have, please contact:

Rebecca Walwyn, Principal Statistician

Tel: +44 (0)113 343 5485; Email:<>