We are very pleased to announce a 7th edition of One-day ISCB Course in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The Course will take place on Friday 2nd November 2018 and will be presented by: 
  • Emmanuel Lesaffre from the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, and, 
  • Arnošt Komárek from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
Interval-censored data occur in basically all empirical research but is rarely taken into account properly. Appropriate methodology has been developed for a large number of problems. Despite the available statistical technology, interval-censoring is often swept under the carpet. A notorious example is the analysis of cancer trials with progression-free survival as outcome, in which almost invariably interval censoring is ignored. We argue that one of the reasons that the appropriate technology is not used is the ignorance of many statisticians what the effects are of ignoring interval-censoring, but also what software is available. 

In the CRC Press book (Survival Analysis with Interval-Censored Data: A Practical Approach with examples in R, SAS and BUGS by Kris Bogaerts, Arnošt Komárek, Emmanuel Lesaffre, 2017), we give an overview of the pitfalls of ignoring interval-censoring, of the different approaches both in a frequentist and a Bayesian context and the currently available statistical software.

Course Content

Session 1 – Introduction to censoring mechanisms, single sample techniques and two-group comparisons, in frequentist context + application
Session 2 – Regression models and some multivariate problems in frequentist context + applications
Session 3 – Estimation of survival distribution in a parametric and flexible Bayesian way + applications
Session 4 – Regression and multivariate problems in Bayesian context + applications

More information. 

Our premises are limited to a maximum number of 30 course participants. Please, register promptly.