The school of Graduate Studies of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid announces the first edition of the Master in Big Data Analytics.

The Master program has been designed as a one academic year degree, offered in English and allowing for compatibility with other professional activities. The student who wants to pursue this Master must have good mathematical and statistical base, and a basic knowledge of programming. 

Likewise, should have sufficient ability to work with Web tools and an interest in real problems of processing data in different application areas.

Note however that the number of places is limited right now. Grants to cover part of the registration fees for outstanding students can be considered.

For that, it is compulsory to have the place reservation paid.

The candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in any of the following areas:

Computer Science

Telecommunications Engineering




Industrial Engineering

Other backgrounds (like Business/Administration, Economics, Medicine or Health Sciences) could also be considered.

The program will be offered starting on October 2015. It will cover months from October 2015 to May 2016. Presentation of Master´s Thesis will be

held in the months of June and July. The classes for the Master program will take place from Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 20:15 hours.

Examples of some of the potential career opportunities associated to the successful completion of this Master program are:

– Expert on information management within a large company, with responsibilities on the treatment of data for different areas such as clients and marketing, financial information or operational data, with the ability to propose actions based on the analysis of these (large scale) data.

– Information manager in a company, responsible for the statistical analysis of the information present in large databases, and the development of models to support decision-making processes in the company.

– Web data analyst. For companies with a significant Web presence, taking responsibilities in the evaluation of information collected from the Web, to detect patterns and to forecast outcomes that improve the presence of the company in its markets.

– Marketing data analyst, working in the identification of trends in sales data, or the changes in spatial or temporal consumer patterns, to help define the marketing strategies of the firm.

– Operations data analyst, detecting improvement opportunities in the processes within the company, through the reduction of costs and execution times, and the increase in the quality of their products and services.

– External consultant, with the ability to offer solutions to companies for the treatment of their information, and the implementation of improvements based on the results of this treatment.

– Systems developer, to implement the data analysis methods presented in the courses with the goal of providing simple results to support decision-making processes in the company.

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