N. Balakrishnan

McMaster University, Canada

In this talk, I will first introduce the one-shot devices and the corresponding form of test and data. I will then elaborate on constant accelerated life-tests for such data and present the corresponding likelihood function. I will then develop the exact EM algorithm and elaborate on the EM-steps for the exponential distribution with singlestress model. Next, I will extend these results to the case of exponential distribution with multiple-stress model. These results will then be generalized for the case of Weibull distribution with multiple-stress model. Finally, I will present a real-life example to illustrate all the inferential results developed here, and briefly mention about some further issues of interest. 

Fecha: 7 de Mayo de 2015

Hora: 12:00 horas

Lugar: Seminario Sixto Ríos (Aula 215)

Facultad de CC Matemáticas, UCM.

Organizado por el Departamento de Estadística e Investigación Operativa con la colaboración del Instituto de Matemática Interdisciplinar

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